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Mr Anthony Carter

Secondary Years 7-11(GCSE)
Sixth form Y12 & 13 (A Level)

MAEd (Master of Arts in Education) 1996
PGCE (Post Graduate Certificate of Education) 1992
BSc Hons: Mathematics and Economics 1991

"I am a qualified teacher with over 30 years of teaching experience in a variety of secondary schools. I have also been the Head of the Maths department in two schools.

My extensive experience along with my Masters in Education has given me a unique insight into how students learn and the challenges they may encounter.

I have the expertise at giving intensive one to one help with those students who have fallen behind or need help in improving their mathematical confidence. In addition to also being very skilled at stretching and challenging students by exploring the more difficult concepts and questions in greater detail and depth."


Mrs Kenda Carter

Primary Years 4-6

Secondary Years 7-11(GCSE)

BA(QTS) Hons: Mathematics and Biology with Qualified Teacher Status 1992

"I am a qualified teacher with over 25 years of experience teaching maths to all ability levels, both in the classroom and one to one, including students with special educational needs. I have has also been involved in the pastoral care of students. 

 I am passionate about building students' confidence and equipping them with the basic foundations upon which they can build their problem solving skills.

I use a wide variety of teaching techniques and resources, which are tailor-made to suit the needs of the individual student. I am hardworking and dedicated to helping students reach their full potential."

“My two sons have gained so much more confidence in Maths since being tutored with Mr and Mrs Carter. The boys have a better understanding of the topics and their grades have improved over the last few months. I would highly recommend."
"That special combination of professionalism and warmth, they both tutored for us in a school setting and online for some of our students who find Maths or school itself intimidating. Exceptional."

Heading 2

"I struggled with maths a lot, but Mr and Mrs Carter have really improved my confidence in maths, and my ability to do well in exams and in class. I achieved A*’s in both maths and maths numeracy, and they were both so extremely helpful. Thank you to them both! "
"I was taught by Mr Carter during my GCSEs and A Levels - I couldn’t ask for a kinder or more patient tutor! I had a great experience and highly recommend."
“Both my sons have benefitted from the tutoring skills of Mr and Mrs Carter. They not only make their lessons enjoyable but focus on helping them understand key concepts in a very structured way. My eldest son will always be grateful to Mr Carter for his help in not only achieving a good result in his maths GCSE but also in statistics. My younger son achieved a top grade in his GCSE thanks to Mrs Carter's enthusiastic approach and his A level thanks to Mr Carter's help. They are a great team and I thoroughly recommend them.”
"Maths was never naturally my strong subject, but Mr Carter really helped me throughout my GCSEs to secure that A*. He was always attentive to what I struggled with and explained things in multiple ways until it finally clicked in my head. These skills stuck with me til the very end for my medical school application! Could not recommend enough."
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